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What service does Cher Scholar provide?

This is not a fan site or a Cher news site. This is an opinion site, merely an exercise in pondering aspects of Cher product and Cher's influence on pop culture. Think of this as Cher Lab where you can find essays to prove (or disprove) that something creative and productive may come from a life of self-imposed Cher Scholarship.


Who is Cher Scholar?

Cher Scholar has pontificated academically on Cher theory for radio programs, college papers, The Philadelphia Enquirer and as former coordinator of games and seminars at The Cher Convention. Cher Scholar is also the editor of two Cher zines: Superpak Vol 1 from 2000 and Golden Greats from 2004.

Cher Scholar has been a Cher fan since 1974 at which time she started doing her homework on Cher by collecting albums and toys at the wee age of 5, eventually moving on to peruse library catalogs, old magazines and used record stores throughout high-school in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Cher Scholar started working on her many Cher theses during graduate writing studies at Sarah Lawrence College (Bronxville, New York, USA), writing about Cher critically as co-editor of the pop-culture humor magazine Ape Culture ( founded in 1998. Soon after, (1999) was launched. Cher Scholar later honed her skills writing about pop culture topics on a defunt John Waite web forum in the mid-00s, an exercise which inspired her to create a Cher blog in late 2006 in order to continue anecdotal celebrity ponderings. Cher Scholar plans to continue her studies far into the next few decades of Cher history.

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