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Expert Corner

There are many fine Cher scholars out there with their own astute ponderings and Cher theories, some far better than mine. I have created this space to showcase some of their ideas which are integral to Cher discussions around the world.

Coming soon: I would like to post interviews with other Cher scholars out in the wild. I would also like to see a gaggle of timeline theory posted here -- mainly because I think Cher anchors so much of our cultural timeline of the last 5 decades, so much so that Cher now is the timeline itself. So if you have a timeline of Cherness that you'd like to contribute, please contact me. Below is our inaugural timeline:

Idols and HolinessDarcey Steinke
Darcey is the author of Sister Golden Hair.

A Timeline of Cher HairRobrt Pela
Robrt is a writer for The Phoenix New Times and a contributor to NPR.

The Cher Q and AWard Lamb
Ward has written about Cher in Goldmine Magazine and liner notes for Sundazed and Rhino. back into itself

The Cher Q and AMike Khouri
Mike is a producer and writer with liner credits for MCA compilations, the 1999 re-issue of I Paralyze, liner credits for DVDs and consulting for VH1, A & E and the BBC.


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